Why Healthy Hair Nutrition? Because... Traditional shampoo damages hair.

Healthy hair is a balancing act. Regular shampoo strips your hair of essential oils, causing dryness, breakage and excessive color-fading. Our sulfate-free, gentle cleansing formula rebalances the amount of natural oils your hair needs, leaving your hair stronger and shinier, without weighing it down.

Natural Botanical Ingredients

Strengthen and hydrate your hair with our creamy, lather-free Conditioning Cleanser, infused with nutrient-rich, natural extracts.

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Aloe Vera

A leaf juice used in hair care products that effectively infuses both the hair and scalp with moisture.

Green Tea

A leaf extract, rich in antioxidants, that tones and balances the natural oils of the scalp. Healthy scalp = healthy hair!


An oil used in beauty products for its natural and gentle cleansing properties.


A leaf extract that helps repair dry, damaged hair and restore balance of natural oils in the hair shaft.

Healthy Hair Nutrition, A Superior Formula

Many shampoos on the market contain harsh sulfates and cleansing detergents that excessively strip hair of its natural moisture and color. Healthy Hair Nutrition is sulfate-free and paraben-free, formulated with 5 natural botanical extracts that soothe and repair damaged hair.

Other similar products simply coat hair with glycerin without removing any oil or dirt, leaving hair feeling greasy and flat. Healthy Hair Nutrition contains Lauryl Glucoside, a 100% plant-based ingredient made from coconut oil and sugar that gently cleanses and conditions every last strand, leaving hair full of body and bounce.