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    • Benefits
    • color-defend formula
    • sulfate-free
    • paraben-free
    • no artificial colors
    • no harsh chemical
    • ph-balanced
    • not tested on animals
    • natural botanical extracts
  • Healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser

    Our lather-free Conditioning Cleanser is a true hair care miracle that cleanses your hair without stripping the natural oils it needs to stay healthy, shiny and full of body. It is a SINGLE STEP hair care regimen that will replace your shampoo, daily conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and detangler, all in ONE PRODUCT!

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    • How To Use
    • Healthy Hair Nutrition is different than any cleanser you've ever tried. Unlike shampoos with harsh detergents and sulfates, our gentle, suds-free formula will not lather, but will instead feel like a rich cream rinse, as pictured.
      • step 1
      • Step 1

        Wet hair thoroughly with cool water.

      • step 1
      • Step 4

        Rinse thoroughly for 1-3 minutes.

        No need to use a separate conditioner.

      • step 1
      • Step 2

        Apply enough cleanser to fully saturate hair from roots to ends. For short hair, use 3-4 pumps of product. For medium-length hair, use 4-5 pumps of product. For long hair, use 5-7 pumps of product. For very coarse/thick hair, use 7-8 pumps of product.

      • step 1
      • Step 5

        You can add a small amount to the middle to ends of towel-dried hair as a leave-in conditioner.

      • step 1
      • Step 3

        Massage into scalp with additional water. For maximum conditioning, leave in hair for 3-5 minutes.

      • step 1
      • Step 6

        Style or air dry as usual.

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